Floor Drain

Out of all the drains in a house the floor drain is probably the most over looked drain in the home.  It can usually be found by the furnace or boiler in newer homes.  In Older homes they are typically found close to the laundry tub

In day to day living the average person has no use for a floor drain.  It doesn’t get used when you brush your teeth, no need for it when the dishes get washed and it’s probably the farthest thing from you mind when you’re using the bathroom. 

The question is then, who needs one and what is its purpose?  Everybody should have a floor drain.  They are there for a couple reasons.  First and originally they were installed to help prevent damage from a water leak or overflowing laundry tub. Instead of a basement full of water, it would drain down the floor drain.  Second and more typical of newer and updated homes, the floor drain is used as a receptacle for condensation from high efficient heating equipment, air conditioners, dehumidifiers and water softeners. 

Problems with a floor drains takes many years to develop.  Water drained into the floor drain is small in volume and often just trickles in.  The light usage is enough to wash sediments into the piping but fails to wash them down stream.  As time passes the sediments dry and harden to the bottom of the pipe, eventually clogging the drain.  Call One Hour Rooter, “Relax We’ll Take Care of it!”