Professional Drain Cleaning in as Little as an Hour

Homeowners just like you count on One Hour Rooter Plumbers to clear, clean, and unclog their drains at a price they can afford. Best of all, we can typically get the work done in just one hour.

When Is It Time to Call One Hour Rooter?

DIY drain cleaning processes found on the internet can actually damage your pipes, making drain repairs or even replacement the only costly solution.

Instead of pouring harsh chemicals down your drain or attempting to snake your pipes yourself, you should call the experts at One Hour Rooter.

Fixing Leaking Drain

Call 612-354-8984 if you notice any of the following:

  • Slow drainage
  • Standing water
  • Foul smells coming from your pipes
  • Drains that clog frequently
    (more than once a month)

Quite often, clogs can reside deeper in the plumbing system than your chemicals or tools can reach. That’s why it’s important that a licensed plumber using professional tools assess the situation and correct it for you.

Even if you don’t have clogged drains, it’s wise to get your drains professionally cleaned at least once a year. This way, you’ll likely avoid expensive repairs or replacement that could result from pipes that have been neglected.

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Don’t Throw Money Down the Drain

There are certain foods and materials that are more likely than others to cause problems and even damage your drains. To maintain clear pipes in between cleanings, we recommend you avoid putting the following items down your drains:

  • Fruit peels and rinds down your garbage disposal
  • Grease and oils that can build up and solidify in your pipes
  • Baby wipes in a toilet. These don’t break down the way toilet paper does
  • Kitty litter which is designed to clump when moisture is added to it
  • Feminine products that were not designed to be flushable

In the end, maintaining and keeping clean pipes will help you avoid expensive repairs and replacements.

Don't Throw Money Down the Drain

Call One Hour Rooter Plumbers Today!

Don’t just clear your drains, clean them with One Hour Rooter. Our professional drain cleaning services will completely remove your clog and we’ll do it quickly, capably and affordably. Call 612-354-8984 today to schedule an appointment or if you prefer, schedule an appointment online.

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