Raise your your hand if you have taken a shower in standing water.

Either a slow draining shower or completely clogged shower eventually happens to everybody. Clogged shower drains usually develop slowly enough to the point where you are asking yourself, “Is my shower not draining right?” Until one day it becomes obvious that your shower drains not holding up it’s end of the bargain.

How Do I Unclog A Shower?

If your shower gets clogged frequently it may be a good idea for you to try a few things that can help prevent it. Install strainers over the drains. They will catch hair and soap chips that can be discarded in a garbage, keeping the amount of materials that go down the drain to a minimum. If it’s past the point of prevention and you already have a clogged shower, the first step would be to remove as much hair and grime as possible from the top of the drain. With normal use of the shower this will often take care of it.

Unclogging Shower Drain

Before you use drain chemicals be sure to read the directions and follow the safety instructions. They can be harmful to humans and pets and some drain materials. They are basically an chemical intended to eat the clog. In our opinion the risk vs reward is not worth using them. Besides exposing yourself to toxic chemicals, they generally do not work well. The drain cleaning chemical needs to be applied directly to the clog to have their greatest affect. This is difficult to do if your shower does not drain. Pouring chemicals on top of standing water will do nothing. If your shower does drain slowly, it might get enough chemical to the clog to have some affect, although the more water it mixes with, the less strength it has. If you are reading this because you have already tried the chemicals and they didn’t work and you now have a shower full of chemicals, that is OK. “Relax we’ll take care of it!” Call One Hour Rooter.

You can try a plunger. If you have already used some drain cleaning chemicals, put on safety glasses and rubber gloves. Those chemicals can burn. Using a plunger to clean your shower drain may work if the clog is relatively close to the shower drain itself. If the clog is located farther down your drain line, the plunger will have no affect. Within five feet of the shower drain, it is connected to a vent that is open to the outside air. In this case no matter how much effort you put into the plunger, the pressure you create will be released outside.

Good Luck! If all else fails, don’t worry. “Relax we’ll take care of it!” Contact One Hour Rooter.

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