High Pressure sewer jetting is very effective!

After clearing the line using a mechanical cable, you have the option to pressure wash your drain with up to 4000 pounds per square inch (PSI) of water pressure.

This method is more effective than using a cable because it doesn’t just unblock the drain; it restores it to like new condition. Over time sludge, grease, soap, roots and other foreign materials can build up closing the pipe like a clogged artery. Snaking or cabling works well for punching a hole through the obstruction and restoring drainage, but cannot restore the diameter of the drain nearly as well as jetting. Cabling may leave deposits on the walls of the piping, giving debris an edge to catch and hold on to.

Before and After Example of Root Removal

Water at the correct high pressure can cut most roots, dissolve blockages, get rid of grease and soaps all while spray washing pipe wall surfaces. This highly effective method for cleaning drain pipes causes no damage and is much less invasive than repairing a drain by excavating a front yard to access the sewer or opening a wall to replace piping. At One Hour Rooter we believe our jetting system to be so good, we offer an industry leading one year warranty against future blockages.

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