Clogged Toilet?

Is there a more desperate feeling then watching the water level in the toilet rise to the top of the bowl? With fingers and toes crossed begging for it not to spill over. Heart beating faster as the water seems to pause at the top before it cascades down all sides.

Toilets vary in there capabilities to flush our problems away. The inside diameter of the toilet passageway, the hole it disappears into, will vary in size and have a big influence on what will pass. Also the efficiency of water delivery from the reservoir to the bowl will determine how much muscle is in each flush. With any toilet, there are only a few things intended to be flushed, number one, number two and toilet paper. The commercial may show the toilet flushing golf balls. Trust in the fact, that was not a design criteria. Golf balls are an easy flush. If you see a commercial of a toilet that can flush a loaf of bread. Buy it.

Unclogging Toilet

Just remember, even if it says flushable on the package, or it looks like it would be flushable, doesn’t mean it should be flushed. You may have flushed random things before and had success. Beware the complications that may be building behind the scenes. It may get past the toilet, but it still has a distance to travel before it is no longer your problem. For example, wet wipes seem to flush with out issue. Depending on the condition of the rest of the drain piping and your sewer mainline, those wipes may be hanging on, accumulating and building larger problem.

How do I unclog my toilet?

Before you attempt to unclog a toilet, play it safe, shut the water supply of to the toilet. We don’t want anymore surprises eruptions. Another precaution, lay some newspaper or old towels around the base of the toilet, just in case it gets messy. Now you are ready to plunger the toilet. If you already have a plunger, you mite as well try that one. If you are in the market for a new plunger, know this, not all plungers are created equal. Get one that is made of soft rubber. They make a much better seal to the toilet when plunging. If it looks like an accordion or is made of the same material as a wiffle ball bat, keep searching. Now that you have a plunger here comes the fun part. Approach the toilet with confidence. Submerge the plunger in the toilet, center it over the outlet hole. The key to this process is the seal created between the toilet and the plunger. Push then pull on the plunger. This make take some repeated effort. Once you think you’ve got it, don’t test your luck by flushing the toilet. Use a bucket to dump water into the bowl. If it the toilet is still plugged, you can stop pouring water from the bucket, you can’t unflush.

Good Luck! If all else fails, don’t worry. “Relax we’ll take care of it!” Contact One Hour Rooter.

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