Eliminate Laundry Tub Clogs

Unlike your kitchen or bathroom sinks, your laundry tub drain handles water that contains great quantities of large particles that can easily lead to clogs.

Laundry Sink Clogged

If your washing machine drains into the laundry tub, clothing fibers, lint andother materials make their way into the sink.

If you use the tub for tasks such as washing your dog, cleaning paint brushes, or washing mud off shoes, things like hair, oil, and dirt will also make their way into the drain.

You can keep many of these materials out by routinely cleaning the laundry tub strainer. However, eventuallythese items will build up and cause a laundry tub clog.

When your laundry tub drainclogs, you can be left with a huge mess to clean up along with the potential for permanent water damage to floors, appliances, and items stored in your laundry room.

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When Is It Time to Call One Hour Rooter?

Laundry Tub Clogged

If you’re experiencing a clogged laundry tub drain, you could try to clean it out yourself. However, large clogs composed of pet hair, grease, oil, and dirt can be stubborn and hard to eliminate with conventional methods.

Our certified, licensed plumbers have the skill and the tools to eliminate your clog.

We will assess your situation and determine the best possible solution. That can range from simply clearing the drain to replacing the laundry tub entirely, especially if it’s old and leaking.

Call One Hour Rooter if you’re having any of the following issues with your laundry tub:

  • Water backup
  • Flooded laundry room
  • Slow draining
  • Foul smell

Even if your laundry tub drain is working well, it’s important to have it cleaned regularly to avoid nasty flooding and water damage.

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