Benefits of an Annual Drain Cleaning

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Your home’s plumbing system is essential to your daily life even though you probably don’t think about it much. That is, unless it stops working. When working properly, it brings you clean water and removes water and waste. But like many systems in the home, it needs regular maintenance to function property and efficiently.

How Your Home Benefits from an Annual Drain Cleaning

The best way to avoid plumbing issues is with an annual drain cleaning. If you aren’t sure whether getting your drains cleaned each year is really worth the time and expense, consider the following benefits it has to your home.

You Won’t Experience Slow or Clogged Drains

Soap scum, hair, grime, toothpaste particles, oils, fats and food items build up overtime in your drains, no matter how careful you are, and slow down or clog your drains. An annual cleaning will remove that debris keeping the water flowing freely down the drain and preventing you from having to deal with slow, plugged-up drains.

Keep Your Home Smelling Fresher

Clogged drains stink. Whether filled with stagnant water or decaying food, they could be stinking up your home. There are cleaning agents and products you can try to freshen up a stinky drain, but they’ll only be temporary solutions. If you want to keep your drains draining and smelling fresh, the best way is with an annual drain cleaning that will remove those stuck particles, grease and grime for good.

Quiet Noisy Drains

If you have gurgling drains, not only is the noise a nuisance, but it’s also a sign of a bigger problem. A large clog causes water to have to change directions to get around it and through the pipes. This is likely the gurgling sound you hear. An annual drain cleaning will remove any grease, soap scum, and other debris causing the clog and keep your drains quiet.

Find an Unseen Leak and Reduce Your Water Bill

If your water bills have slowly been on the rise, there’s a chance it could be from a leak in your water supply. You could be wasting water without even realizing it. Having a plumber send a camera down your drain during an annual cleaning and inspection could help you identify a leak. If one is found, it can be located and repaired, reducing your wasteful water usage and your bill.

Prevent a Water Back Up

Large clogs can cause all sorts of problems including causing water to back up into a sink, washing machine, or toilet. A backup could cause a flood in the home and create the right conditions for mold growth, which is an even bigger, more expensive problem. If you have your drains cleaned every year, you’ll have less reason to worry about large water-backing up clogs because anything that’s built up in the pipes will be removed before it can form into a large clog.

Save Money in the Long Run on Costly Repairs

The cost of a preventative drain cleaning service is far less than the cost of having to fix a major or an emergency plumbing issue. Having your drains cleaned regularly will help prevent major clogs from forming. The kind of clogs that can result in a corroded drainage system and contaminated water, that can cause water to backup or that can cause a pipe to burst. When you think of what an annual drain cleaning can prevent, it’s well worth the money.

Schedule Your Annual Drain Cleaning with One Hour Rooter

Even if you don’t have clogged drains, it’s wise to get your drains professionally cleaned once a year. This way, you’ll likely avoid expensive repairs or replacement that could result from neglected pipes. Prevent future plumbing issues in your Minneapolis home with a drain cleaning service from One Hour Rooter. Our professional drain cleaning services will clean, not just unclog your pipes and we’ll do it quickly, capably and affordably. Call 612-354-8984 today to schedule an appointment or if you prefer, schedule an appointment online.

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