Plumbing Resolutions for a Stress-Free New Year

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The new year is filled with resolutions, people committing themselves to healthier lifestyles and habits. And while most new year’s resolutions fail, we have a few plumbing resolutions that will be easy to keep and help your plumbing system stay in tip-top shape for the year to come.

Five Easy to Keep Resolutions to Improve Your Plumbing System

 1. Fix Plumbing Problems Quickly

It can be easy to put off little problems, but the longer we put them off the greater the chance they could end up becoming a big problem. This year, make an effort to attend to even those little plumbing problems right way. Fix those dripping faucets, call about the strange noises or figure out why your toilet’s running.

2. Replace Old Pipes & Plumbing Fixtures

If you have old, rusted pipes or plumbing fixtures, make a resolution to replace them this year. Old pipes and fixtures will start to deteriorate over time, they are a nightmare to deal with and can lead to leaks and costly water damage. Replacing them before they start leaking will help protect your home.

3. Reduce Water Waste

A great resolution that will help your bank account and environment is to cut back on wasted water. Whether that means watering your lawn less, reusing rain water, fixing leaking faucets, upgrading old appliances or taking shorter showers, there are lots of ways you can cut back on your water usage that will have a significant effect.

4. Ditch the Chemical Drain Cleaners

Most drain cleaners are full of toxic chemicals that are harmful to you, the environment and your plumbing. They are ineffective at clearing clogs and do more harm than good. This year, make a resolution to ditch the chemicals and call a professional plumber out to inspect your plumbing and clean your drains for a long-term clog-free solution.

5. Don’t Put off Routine Maintenance & Annual Inspections

From water heaters to drain cleanings, annual maintenance can increase the productivity, efficiency and longevity of your plumbing system. Although easy to put off, annual inspections and routine maintenance are crucial. They help ensure your plumbing system is in good working condition, helps you catch problems early before they can lead to extensive damage and save you money in the long run. Make scheduling your annual drain cleaning and performing your routine maintenance on your plumbing a priority this year.

Stick to Your Resolutions with Help from One Hour Rooter

If you need help sticking to any of these plumbing resolutions, you can rely on One Hour Rooter. We’ve proudly served the Minneapolis metro with quick, capable and affordable service since 2012. To schedule an appointment call us at 612-354-8984 or schedule an appointment online.


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