Common Plumbing Issues that Could Be Making Your House Sound Haunted

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An eerie drip, strange creaks, whistling shrieks and loud bangs might sound like spooky fun this time of year, but they could be a serious warning sign that something’s wrong with your homes plumbing. Some pipe noises are completely normal, while others shouldn’t be ignored.

Haunted House or Plumbing Problems?

Here are few common plumbing issues that may be making your house sound haunted.

High Water Pressure

High water pressure is the leading culprit of pipe noise and it can cause all sorts of strange noises from banning and hammering to humming. Your water pressure should be between 45-80 psi. If it’s too high, it can actually cause your pipes to vibrate, making them hum. It can also lead to a hammering noise caused as the water slams into the valve after it’s shut off. If you’re hearing strange noises coming from your pipes, a good first step is have your water pressure checked and adjusted if needed.

Loose Pipes

Loose pipes can also cause a lot of banning and rattling noises. Sometimes the noise is caused by the pipes moving and striking against one another or against the wooden frame as water flows through them. Sometimes this hammering can be so strong that it causes pipes to rupture or loosen at the joints. If you can find and locate the pipe that’s causing the noise, check to see if it’s loose and try to secure it.

Air Bubbles

Air can sometimes get trapped in the high points of your water supply system. As well as irregular water flow and sputtering faucets, these pockets of air can also cause eerie noises. To get the air bubble out, try turning on all your faucets starting at the one closest to the meter and working your way away from it. Then turn them all back off in reverse order. The rush of water this causes will sometimes be enough to release the air pockets and carry them out of the water supply.

Bad Valve or Worn Washer

A bad valve or worn-out washer can cause your pipes to make a whistling sound. Listen for whether this happens when you flush the toilet or after you use a particular faucet. If you hear the noise throughout your home it could be to your main water supply valve or a mineral build-up.


The sounds of a constant drip could mean a leaky pipe or faucet. Depending on the size of the leak or its location, you might not notice it right away. While there are several reasons why a pipe might start to leak, wear and tear is the most common. Leaky water lines can create a huge hassle if not detected and repaired early as they are likely located in the walls and underneath the floors. If you hear a drip but don’t see it, shut off the water and call a plumber right away.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

If your house is sounding a bit more haunted than normal these days, you may want to call in the professionals and we don’t mean the Ghostbusters. Chances are the abnormal bangs and clangs are caused by your water pipes and not the paranormal. Give the experienced, professional plumbers at One Hour Rooter a call at 612-354-8984 or schedule an appointment online. We’re the Twin Cities trusted plumber, offering quick, capable and affordable plumbing services. We’d be happy to help you resolve your noisy pipes and exterminate any other plumbing problems you need help with.

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