How to Detect and Prevent Tree Roots in Your Sewer Line

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Trees are a standard for most yards. They provide shade in the summer heat, curb appeal and here in Minnesota, a spectacle of color when the leaves change in the fall. They can also wreak havoc on your lawn and sewer line. Root obstruction is a serious issue that must be dealt with quickly before matters get worse. Lucky there are a few warning signs and things you can do to prevent tree roots from inhabiting your sewer line.

How To Prevent Tree Roots from Damaging Your Sewer Line

Prevention is key when it comes to most plumbing issues. It is always better to stop the issue from happening than dealing with the potential damage caused by a backed up or blocked sewer line. Here are few things you can do to make sure your sewer lines stay tree root free.

Chemical Sewer Line Barriers

There are a few different kinds of barriers you can use to discourage root growth into sewer lines. Slow-release chemicals, such as copper sulfate and potassium hydroxide, are commonly used in residential settings. You can spread these growth inhibitors near your sewer lines to prevent root growth into the area.

Physical Sewer Line Barriers

Additionally, or in place of using chemicals, you make a physical barrier to prevent tree roots from reaching your pipes by burying wood or metal barriers. Burying them between 6 inches and a foot deeper than your pipes and run them vertically along the sewer line to prevent the roots from getting into your sewer line.

Sewer Safe Landscaping

The best way to prevent roots from getting into your sewer lines is to plan your landscaping carefully. Be mindful if you are planting near your sewer lines and be sure to choose trees that are slow growing with a small root area. Large trees should simply not be planted near sewer lines.

Sewer Line Warning Signs

Tree roots in your sewer lines can be cost and cause a lot of damage. Luckily there are warning signs you can watch for.

  • Slow Emptying Drains
  • Gurgling Sounds Coming from Toilets and Floor Drains
  • Frequent unexplained clogs
  • Soggy indented patches of grass on your lawn
  • Bad Odors

What to Do if You Have Tree Roots in Your Pipes

Tree roots can cause a lot of severe damage to not only your plumbing and sewer system, but also your yard and the foundation of your house. The risk of having tree roots in your sewer line is higher for older homes and for properties with large trees. Because tree root obstruction is a serious and potentially costly problem, the best thing you can do if you suspect that you have tree roots or any other blockage in your main sewer line is to call a professional, licensed plumber as soon as possible.

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