Plumbing’s 5 Most Asked Qs & As

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As seasoned plumbers, we’ve seen it all! We rounded up our top five most asked questions and answered them below for you. From why certain plumbing issues seem to happen more than once to plumbers pricing, you might be surprised at some of the answers! What questions do you have? Let us know and we can answer them for you!

Our Most Asked Questions, Answered

Here are the top five asked questions that we get from homeowners.

1) Why Does My Drain Always Clog?

If you have a drain in your home that always seems clogged, you might need to take preventative action! If your main bathroom’s shower drain is constantly clogging and multiple family members have long hair, then consider getting a drain catcher. If you don’t have long hair in your household, then you need to figure out the reason it’s clogging up! There might be a more hefty clog that’s further down the drain or the shape and age of the pipes are causing an issue.

2) Where is My Water Main Shut-Off?

Knowing where your home’s water main shut-off could be the difference between an annoying repair or serious damage to your home! Find where your water main shut-off is and tie a ribbon or string to it. Tie something brightly colored to it so that if anyone had to run in and find it, they could. There are two different main water shut-off valves;

Gate Valve – Typically a small knob or wheel you turn (like your hose)

Ball Valve – Typically a handle you turn parallel with the pipe

Find your water main shut-off valve and give it a test. If it hasn’t been turned in many years, it might need an adjustment.

3) How Can I Avoid Frozen Pipes?

Many homeowner’s worst plumbing fear when fall and winter arrive is a frozen pipe! First, make sure you know how to shut off your water main (see above!) just in case you need to shut off the water. Second, make sure you always keep your house at no less than 55° F when you’re away and when it’s a particularly cold night. Keep the cabinets below your sinks open to allow warm airflow. Finally, take preventative measures and insulate any exterior or exposed pipes or pipes that are susceptible to the freezing cold.

4) When Should I Plumbing DIY or Call an Expert?

This answer depends on your skill level, tools, and comfort. If you feel that you’re pretty handy and you can safely fix a plumbing issue, then maybe you should tackle the issue on your own. However, if you’re feeling overwhelmed trying to determine if you have the right tools or you realize this plumbing project will take you hours, then call an expert. The expert will take care of it right away and ensure it’s solved quickly.

5) Why are Plumbers Always So Expensive?

It’s a fair question! Here’s the thing, just like when you’re hiring a mechanic, appliance repair technician, or a handyman, you’re hiring for the skills and experience. The plumber you hire uses his experience, culmination of technical skills, oh, and his mighty set of tools to solve your issue! You could spend the time researching your plumbing issue, take a couple of trips to the hardware store to buy the right parts and tools. Or, you can hire a trusted, local plumber who can fix your issue quickly!

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