Sewer Mainline Clogs; Causes and Remedies

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Your main sewer line is where all your wastewater flows away from your home. Like most of your plumbing, when your main sewer line is working fine, you hardly think of it at all!

However, a main sewer line clog is stressful for any homeowner because it’s such a vital part of your household’s plumbing system. Sewer mainline clogs won’t just go away on their own, but with professional help, you can remove any clog and repair any damage done.

Learn more about what causes a sewer mainline clog, how to detect signs, and what to do if you think you have one.

What Causes a Sewer Mainline Clog?

There are a few causes of a clog in the sewer mainline. If any big trees are growing near the line, its roots may have grown into and reached the line.

Even though tree root growth is slow and takes many years, roots are powerful and can damage the pipes underground by growing into them!

Other dirt and debris can build up over time and wear down on the mighty sewer pipes. It’s good practice to only flush toilet paper and human waste down the toilet.

Signs of a Sewer Mainline Clog

A clog in your main sewer line happens slowly over time, and you might not notice any issues right away. However, there are a few signs to be aware of and to keep an eye out for them.

Signs of a Clog:

  • Water babbling in the toilet after running water from the shower
  • More than one drain in your home is slow
  • When the washer drains, you notice the toilet gurgling
  • You notice any soggy spots in your yard that shouldn’t be there

You should investigate any plumbing issues that are out of the ordinary. If you do fix a slow drain and notice it’s slow shortly after, it may be worth contacting a professional.

How to Handle a Sewer Line Clog

The best way to handle a main sewer line clog is to contact a professional. The professional plumber you contact, should first assess the clog using a camera and thoroughly inspect the issue before making a recommendation of how to remedy.

The remedy depends on the size of the clog and the age of the pipes. The professional might be able to simply remove the clog. If there is any significant damage to the pipe, there might need to be pipe repair or replacement.

Avoid Future Main Sewer Issues

We highly recommend having a plumbing professional inspect your main sewer line every few years to avoid any major clogs or backups in the future.

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