Spring Plumbing Check-Up

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The sun is shining and the temperatures are rising – that must mean that spring is on its way! After a long winter, homeowners breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their plumbing handled the brutal cold and holiday season.

This is also a time for spring cleaning, so we offer some spring plumbing tips and tricks to make sure your plumbing is performing at its best. Take a few minutes to perform this spring plumbing check-up you’ll feel confident your plumbing is sound.

Spring Plumbing Tips and Tricks

This check-up is great for any homeowner who wants to make sure his or her plumbing is working great! You don’t need to be an expert to complete this list. However, if you need any help or find an issue, please reach out and we’d be happy to help.

✓Check for Any Water Leaks Under Sinks
You would have probably noticed if you had a frozen pipe or other water damage this winter. However, spend a few minutes checking under all your sinks for any signs of water or dampness. This is especially important if the past winter brought any deep freezes or polar vortex weather.  If a pipe didn’t freeze it might have been strained, so it’s best to double check.

If you find any water, no need to panic, you might need to replace a valve or other parts to make sure the plumbing is back on track.

✓Perform Water Heater Maintenance
Your water heater worked really hard over the cold winter to provide you with nice hot water. Perform a water heater maintenance check-up to ensure it’s working well and doesn’t need any major repairs.

Water Heater Check:

  • Check flame igniter and burner head assembly
  • Test the pressure value
  • Insulate older units
  • Adjust the temperature to 120०
  • Remove any sediment buildup

If your water heater is older than ten years, or if you’ve performed this maintenance check and still experience slow water heat; then it’s time to consider a replacement.

✓Clean Your Gutters and Roof
We include this on our spring plumbing checklist because clearing your gutters and roof of winter debris helps your house send water away properly and keeps your plumbing flowing. This also provides you an opportunity to check your home’s exterior for any signs of water not draining or any water damage. Look carefully around your gutter drain pipes to see if it’s still connected and in good shape.

✓Check Outdoor Spigot
Remember last fall when you removed the hose from your outdoor spigot? Before you pop the hose back on, check the spigot to make sure it’s working well and doesn’t need replacing. Run the water and check for leaks to see if you need to replace the spigot. Once the spigot is working great, hook the hose up and enjoy!

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