Common Summertime Plumbing Issues and How to Prevent Them

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Summer means a lot of different things to different people. But when you live in a colder climate like we do in Minnesota, it’s a time to get outdoors and enjoy the nice weather while it lasts.

All that time outside, can make it easy to forget about taking care of things inside. But more time outside and warm weather fun, usually means more water. You often have more clothes to wash. People generally take more showers or baths in the summer. There are more pools to fill and more sprinklers to run through. More lawns and gardens to water. All this extra water usage can take a toll on your plumbing.

Five Summer Plumbing Issues

Here are five of the most common summertime plumbing problems and tips you can follow to help prevent them.

Clogged Garbage Disposal

Summer is a great time to fire up that grill. Just make sure the wrong foods don’t end up down your drain. With more people cooking at home in the summer and enjoying fresh produce, garbage disposal clogs become more common. Be careful what you put down your drain. Hard fruit and vegetable scraps like watermelon rinds and corn cobs are better thrown in the trash or compost than down the garbage disposal. Don’t pour any used cooking oils and dirty grease from grilling out down the drain either. Here’s a few other things that should never go down your garbage disposal. It’s also a good idea to run a little cold water down the drain before and after using your disposal to try and clear any remaining food bits.

Main Sewer Line Backups

We also see more sewer line backups in summer months due to excessive rain falls and tree roots. Watch for signs such as water from the toilet backing up into the bathtub drain and call a qualified plumber right away. He or she may recommend a sewer line replacement if the damage is extensive.

Washing Machine Maintenance

Your washing machine may be pulling double duty during the summer, especially if you have kids out of school. Beach and pool days mean more laundry. More outside play could mean more baths for your dog. This outdoor fun puts extra stress on your washing machine and laundry tub drains.  Make sure your washing machine is pulled out from the wall a little to prevent the hose from kinking and try to be home while running a cycle so you can stop the load and call a professional if needed. Scheduling a routine laundry tub drain cleaning can help prevent clogs and damage.

Clogged Toilets

Thanks to kids being home from school, household toilets are also used more regularly in the summertime. Help prevent clogs by teaching your kids to use a modest amount of toilet paper. Most toilet clogs can be cleared with a plunger. Be sure to keep one handy by each toilet. For a stubborn clog or reoccurring issue, you may want to call in a professional before attempting to resolve it yourself.


If you have an in-ground sprinkler system inspect it thoroughly at the beginning of summer. Check and clean the sprinkler heads and replace any that are broken or damaged. When you re-open the system, do it slowly and test each zone separately. Make sure none of the heads are pointed at the foundation or onto your home. To help prevent damage, make sure you mow the lawn when the sprinkler heads are lowered.


Plumbers & Drain Cleaners Serving the Twin Cities Metro

Of course, plumbing issues can still arise even if you follow all the tips and guidelines. And if you’re in the Minneapolis metro area and find yourself in the midst of one this summer, you can always count on One Hour Rooter. We’re quick, professional, on time, clean and stand behind our work. Give us a call at 612-354-8984 or request a plumbing service appointment online.


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