Worst Ways to Thaw a Frozen Pipe

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Frozen pipes themselves can be a huge problem. Cold temperatures can cause water inside your pipes to freeze. When this happens, pressure builds up inside the pipe that can cause the pipe to burst, leading to serious damage and flooding. But improper thawing techniques can make a bad problem worse. We’re talking serious water damage and potential fire hazards. Learn how to safely thaw a pipe by avoiding these when thawing your pipes.

How Not To Thaw Out a Frozen Pipe

A quick internet search for “How to Thaw a Frozen Pipe” can lead you to some unsafe pipe thawing suggestions and if you are feeling the panic of a potential burst pipe, you may not take the time to think these through. If you want to safely thaw out a frozen pipe, these are the tips you should avoid.

Don’t Thaw a Pipe with an Open Flame

Never attempt to thaw a frozen pipe with a blowtorch, propane torch or any other sort of open flame. There’s a good change you’ll cause a fire or damage your plumbing before you thaw out the pipe.

Don’t Leave Any Heating Device Unattended

In some instances, space heaters, heating pads and hairdryers can be used to safely thaw frozen pipes, but only if attended. They should never be left running on their own because without a watchful eye there’s a chance of fire. If using a hair dryer, be sure to move it around to warm all sides of the pipe.

Don’t Thaw Too Quick

Slowly warming up your pipes to thaw them out is always the best route. If a pipe is warmed too quickly, it may burst anyway.

Don’t Assume Your Pipe Will Thaw on Its Own

While a warmup is sure to come, we don’t ever recommend ignoring a frozen pipe and leaving it to thaw on its own. It’s best to take steps to safely warm up the pipe as soon as you notice an issue. There could be a lot of damage before it thaws on its own. It’s best to take steps immediately before it could get worse.

Don’t Thaw Pipes with the Water On

There could be a crack or leak in the pipe that’s blocked by the frozen water. You’ll want to be sure and turn off the water to area you are thawing before you start unfreezing pipes to avoid additional water damage.

Frozen Pipes in Minneapolis?

If you have frozen pipes, read our safe thawing tips for frozen pipes for a step by step guide. You’ll want first to turn off the water, then open a nearby faucet. Assess the situation to determine if you can safely thaw the pipe yourself or call a plumber for help.

At One Hour Rooter, we use a proven and safe method to thaw frozen pipes with steam. The process safely melts the frozen pipe, gently heating it up to get the water flowing again and relieving the built-up pressure quickly without causing any damage to surrounding pipes. If you find yourself with a frozen pipe, give the pipe thawing experts at One Hour Rooter a call today at 612-354-8984 or schedule an appointment online.

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