7 Plumbing Tips for Beginners

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Never unclogged a toilet before? Haven’t touched a leaky faucet?  Whether you just moved out of your parents’ house or you decided you want to learn more about plumbing, this post shares seven plumbing tips for the plumbing novice.

This informational post will help you feel confident in diagnosing and fixing certain plumbing problems. However, if you need expert help, we are just a phone call away at 612-354-8984.

7 Plumbing Tips for Beginners

  1. Know How to Shut Off Your Main Water Supply
    Do you know how to shut off your main water supply? Knowing this can be the difference between a small problem turning into a very frustrating and expensive one. Find out where your main water valve is and tie a bow or string on it. This way you’ll be able to find it quickly when the need arises.


  1. Never Use Chemicals
    It’s just not a good idea to pour chemicals into your plumbing system. Plumbing products might end up causing damage to your pipes without resolving the issue. Don’t dump chemicals down the drain and hope for the best.


  1. Learn How to Fix Clogged Drains
    Since you don’t want to use chemicals on a clogged drain, it’s important to learn how to fix a clog when it happens. Yes, this means buying the proper tools to clean out your shower drains or toilet when the issue comes up.You can read more about what not to do with a clogged drain here.


  1. Fix a Leaky Faucet
    A leaky faucet is annoying and can waste money by racking up your water bill! Don’t let money drip down the drain. Learn how to fix a leaky faucet by determining what type of faucet you have and buying a faucet repair kit from the hardware store.


  1. Take Care of Your Garbage Disposal
    Be nice to your kitchen’s garbage disposal and enjoy less maintenance and longer use before replacement. Never throw more than it can handle like banana peels, skins, fruit pits, or meat. Toss those items into your garbage. Avoid clog ups by never pouring grease or fat down your garbage disposal.


  1. Insulating Your Water Heater
    Get to know your water heater! This important appliance is usually hidden away and out of sight. Insulate your water heater for better efficiency and reduce heat loss. Check what temperature your water heater is set to and consider lowering it to 120 degrees. This will still provide nice, hot water but save you money in the long run.


  1. Don’t Be Afraid of Plumbing
    Lastly, don’t be afraid of your plumbing! Understand how your home’s plumbing works and don’t be afraid to investigate issues. However, if you feel overwhelmed or frustrated with a plumbing issue, call a local plumber for help.

One Hour Rooter is your trusted plumber in the Twin Cities Metro area. Call us at 612-354-8984 if you need help with any plumbing projects. If you’re not ready to chat quite yet, check out some of the most commonly asked plumbing questions to see if you can find an answer there.



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