The Effects of Winter on Your Plumbing

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Winter can be hard on your home’s plumbing system. Add the frigid temperatures of a Minnesota winter to the increased demand on your indoor plumbing as your family hunkers down to wait out the cold for months with hot showers and sudsy soaks in the tub and you’ll understand why your pipes and water-based appliances are pulling double-duty all winter.

Anyone who’s shrugged off minor plumbing issues or skipped their regular plumbing maintenance may soon wish they hadn’t as those issues often intensify and come to a head in the cold of winter. Here we will address a few of the most common effects winter has on your plumbing and the issues it can cause.

Common Winter Plumbing Issues

Be on the lookout for these common winter plumbing problems and if you experience any of them yourself be sure to call a trusted plumbing expert to get the help you need before things get any worse.

Frozen Pipes

The number one issue caused by dropping temperatures in Minneapolis is frozen pipes. Poorly insulated or exposed water lines in basement, garages and crawl spaces, especially in older homes, are susceptible to freezing. Frozen pipes can burst, causing a whole bunch of issues from costly repairs and water damage to mold and mildew. Read up on frozen pipe prevention to reduce your risk of frozen pipes.

Clogged Drains

Hair, soap scum, sludgy kitchen scraps all slip down the drain from time to time. Over time, they build up in your pipes. When cold weather hits, anything stuck down in your pipes can freeze up and prevent your drain from properly draining. For a quick fix, try dumping some boiling water down the pipe. That may be enough to thaw things out and get them flowing again. To get rid of the problem for good, give the professionals a call for a drain cleaning.

Water Heater Troubles

Your water heater is always working hard to provide you and your family with nice hot water year-round, but it’s working even harder in the winter. Not only is it competing with the chilly air, but there’s likely an increase in hot showers and baths, heavy loads of winter clothes and blankets in the laundry and all the dishes from your delicious comfort cooking and warm stews mean it’s working overtime. That additional usage can cause your water heater to breakdown, especially if you haven’t done any routine water heater maintenance on it in a while.

Winter Plumbing Help

Don’t let winter get the best of your pipes. Give the professional plumbers at One Hour Rooter a call at 612-354-8984 or schedule a plumbing appointment online. From frozen pipes, to clogged drains and worn-out water heaters, our team provides reliable, professional plumbing maintenance and repair services throughout the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area.




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